Back to Basics Online Dog Training Course

Back to Basics Online Dog Training Course

Whether you just brought a new dog into your home or would like to teach some new skills to an old friend, this online dog training course will provide you with all of the basic information that you will need to help teach your dog some basic skills using LIMA-based training methods.

Back to Basics is a 6-week online course that allows you to work your way through the curriculum at your own pace, on your own schedule, in your own home. You will submit videos to demonstrate your weekly progress with homework assignments and have access to a weekly private virtual check-in session with a Crimson Hound trainer to ask questions and/or get help with anything that has you struggling.

The course includes informative lectures and video tutorials to help you teach your dog basic skills (sit, down, stay, leave it), how to deal with issues like counter surfing, crate training, chewing or digging, as well as downloadable handouts on relevant topics such as enrichment, the proper way to greet a dog and ways to help prevent resource guarding and separation-related behaviors.


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