Equipment and Enrichment Supplies

Leashes, Collars and Harnesses

Training Equipment:  Dog wearing Perfect Fit Harness

Perfect Fit Harness

This harness is nearly custom fit as you purchase it in 3 sections. The Y-shaped chest piece allows for full range front leg motion. Each section has a wide felt band beneath the nylon strip to prevent chafing. This harness includes both front and rear D-rings for leash attachment.

TTouch Harmony Harness

This harness is based on the TTouch® UK harness that was designed by Sarah Fisher. It has a design that will not interfere with the dog’s forward movement and has two point of contact for leash attachment.

Training Equipment:  Dog wearing PetSafe Two Point Control Nylon Dog Leash

Blue-9 Balance Harness

This harness has six points of adjustment so that it can be customized to comfortably fit almost any body style without constricting the dog’s forward motion. It has two points of attachment for multiple leash options.

Freedom No-Pull Harness

This harness fits snugly, with a soft girth strap to prevent chafing. This harness works well while training a heavy leash puller. It comes with both front and back D-rings. The back D-ring is attached via a partial slip. The front clip is attached to a cross-chest strap that does work by restricting front leg motion.

Training Equipment:  Dog wearing Freedom No-Pull Harness
Training Equipment:  Dog wearing PetSafe Two Point Control Nylon Dog Leash

PetSafe Two Point Control Nylon Dog Leash

This leash is very versatile. It can be used as a two point harness – clipped to both front and back D-rings for added control and weight distribution in large dogs; as a single 4-foot leash; or let out to make a longer leash for sniffing.

Ruffwear Flagline

This harness is a great fit for odd-shaped pups, seniors and front leg amputees. It had two girth attachments and includes a handle in case you pup needs some help.

Training Equipment:  Dog wearing Lupine Collar and Leash

Lupine Pet Products

Lupine makes a full line of collars, leashes and harnesses in a wide variety of patterns for both dogs and cats. They offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their products – even if they are chewed through!

Long Line

A 15- to 20-foot long line works great for training recalls, working on distance commands and taking your dog out on sniff walks.

Training Equipment:  Photo of long line
Training Equipment:  Photo of Hands-free Leash System

Hands-free Leash System

Hands-free system work well for a variety of reasons. There are many brands and styles of hands-free systems. If you have a very strong dog, we recommend using something with a buckle (e.g., tool belt) and using a large carabiner to attach your leash.

Leash Belay System

If you are struggling with a strong puller or a reactive dog that lunges, this system can save your arm/shoulder as you are working on leash skill with your dog. This system was developed by Grisha Stewart and requires the following:

  • Pulley Carabiner
  • 2″ Aluminum O-ring
  • Round long line (15feet is perfect, but this system works with leashes that are 6 feet and longer)
  • Belt – this can be a standard belt, a hands-free leash belt, a tool belt, or even a couple of collars connected together. I prefer buckle closures over plastic clips for strong dogs.
Dog wearing a muzzle by Trust Your Dog


There are a variety of muzzle types. If you are worried about bites, try the Baskerville Ultra or a cage-type muzzle like those sold by Dean & Tyler. Custom-made biothane muzzles can be effective and colorful – Bumas or Trust Your Dog.

See Muzzle Up Project for more information in choosing the best muzzle for your dog.

NewTrix Dog Halter

A few of my clients struggle with strong or giant breed dogs, this head halter can help. NewTrix halters do not pull from under the chin or turn the dog’s head. Instead, they put slight pressure on the back of the dog’s head to work with the opposition reflex to help with pulling.

This is NOT a magic cure or long-term solution for pulling! It should be used under the guidance of a trainers, acclimated properly and used only during leash manners training.

Enrichment Activities

SodaPup Enrichment Toys

SodaPup stocks a variety of treat dispenser toys, lickimats and chew toys.

Use coupon code CRIMSONHOUND to receive 10% off your next order.

The Original Kong

This toy comes in a variety of sizes to address a variety of chewing levels.

Photo of Kongs
Photo of dog playing with West Paw Toppl

West Paw Toppl

The Toppl comes in three sizes. They are made to be used alone, or inserted into one another to increase the difficulty.

K9 Connectables

With K9 Connectables, you can purchase different pieces that can then be assembled to create new and different activities. Use this link and the coupon code crimsonhound10 to receive 10% off your order.

Photo of dog playing with Kong Wobbler

Kong Wobbler

This toy has a weighted bottom and unscrews to fill with kibble or treats. When the dog nudges it, it rocks and treats drop out.

West Paw Qwizl

Another style of durable treat/food dispensing toy from West Paw.

Photo of dog playing with West Paw Qwizl
Photo of dog playing with Kong Bamboo Feeder Ball

Kong Bamboo Feeder Ball

A treat dispensing ball for beginners.

Kong Gyro

This toy is filled with kibble/treats and dispenses them as the dog pushes it across the floor.

Photo of dog playing with Kong Gyro
Photo of Outward Hound puzzle bowl

Outward Hound Products

Outward Hound offers a variety of puzzles and slow feeder bowls.

Snuffle Mats

These toys satisfy your dog’s instinctive need to sniff and forage. You can make your own snuffle mat (see our Toss the Food Bowl blog for instructions) or find a variety of options to purchase online.

Photo of snuffle mats and ball

Photos of licki mats

Licki Mats

Licki Mats encourage your dog to lick – a calming behavior. You can find a variety of Licki Mats online. In addition, silicone treat molds and ice cube molds also work great.

Training Treats

Fig & Tyler Pet Treats

Fig & Tyler pet treats made from 100% meat and fish. We only use fresh meat and fish from right here in the USA and all of our meat is USDA-inspected.

Use the code KH3229 to receive 10% off your first order.

Photo of a bag of Tricky Trainers

Training Treats

Medium value soft treats such as Tricky Trainers and Zuke’s work great when there are distractions. For heavy distractions, you may need to go with a very high value treat such as string cheese, chicken, hot dogs, peanut butter, etc.

Squeeze Tubes

Ssoft travel-size shampoo bottles work great for super soft high value treat like peanut butter, canned dog food, baby food, etc. You can also find refillable food tubes made for camping and dog training.

Photo of squeeze tube for training

Miscellaneous Training Equipment

Photo of windows covered with frosted window film

Frosted Window Film

Similar to vinyl window decals, window film can be easily applied and removed with no residue or razor blades needed. If you have a dog that stares out the window and barks at passers by, this is a great way to stop this fixating behavior and prevent the resulting reactive outbursts. Window film lets in plenty of light, while not allowing your dog to see out. It can be left on permanently or used as a management tool while training alternative behaviors.

Sound-Proofing Curtains

These 3-in-1 curtains are made to act as a sound barrier, a black out curtain and a thermal curtain. This can be a great option for a noise phobic/reactive dog, loud urban environments or to aid in setting up your dog’s safe space.

Baby Gates & Exercise Pens (x-pens)

Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, baby gates and exercise pens are super versatile and can be used for both training and management purposes.