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Helping Your Fearful Dog

Your Dog’s Friend Webinar – April 23, 2023

This free webinar covers ways we can help our fearful dogs. Some of us have dogs that are afraid of strangers or other dogs or vacuum cleaners or balloons or trucks… We could go on and on. Just like humans, dogs’ reactions vary. A few hide. Others look away. Some growl. What they all have in common is that they depend on us for help. Come learn what signs to watch for, how to help your dog feel safe, and what you can do to reduce your dog’s fears.

Family Dog Mediation: Going Beyond Training to Understand your Dog’s Behavior

Your Dog’s Friend Webinar – february 25, 2023

Join me for a free webinar to learn more about FDM and L.E.G.S. Family Dog Mediation, developed by the trainer and author Kim Brophey, uses a dog’s L.E.G.S. (Learning, Environment, Genetics & Self) to help you understand the dog in front of you, so you can set up realistic goals, management protocols, and, when necessary, teach new behaviors.

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Signes Your Dog’s Behavior Needs Attention.  A Dose of Dog Podcast Episode #71

Adding a Rescue Dog to Your Family.  A Dose of Dog Podcast Episode #68

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