Aggressive Dog: Reframing Owner Mindset about Aggression

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Growling, snapping and snarling are efforts to avoid a conflict, not start one.

~ Dick Russell
  • move the dog to another room with a wonderful chew toy when visitors are expected
  • set up a lock box at the end of your driveway for package delivery
  • condition a muzzle
  • install a second fence so that you have a buffer zone of dog – fence – space – fence – world
  • keep doors locked to prevent an open door policy that puts “intruders” in danger.

TRIGGER WARNING: Dog Bite at 0:10.

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  • safety and management protocols
  • realistic goals
  • reward-based training techniques aimed at addressing the root cause rather than simply suppressing or masking the behavior
  • develop a training plan that is proactive, rather than reactive
  • Aggressive behavior is just behavior. It doesn’t define you or your dog.
  • Your goal is not perfection, rather, strive for less negative, more neutral.
  • Set your dog up for success. Don’t continue into situations where you know he can’t cope.
  • Behavior happens. Aggression happens. All sentient beings have those moments. Our goal is to have a plan in place so that you know what to do.
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